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   With over 50 years in the business we have extensive experience in the design,
installation and trouble shooting of all types of heating systems. We have and
continue to lead the way in heating system technology. We were one of the first
installers to begin extensively using radiant heating systems. Now we have become
specialists in the design and installation of high efficiency natural gas heating
systems. With oil prices at all time highs and gas prices at all time lows there has
never been a better time to convert to natural gas than right now. Call us today to
find out what Greenfield Plumbing can do for you......and don't forget to ask us if
there are any ConEd rebates currently available for converting to gas and using high
efficiency equipment.
Preventative Maintenance
   One of the most important things you can do to
ensure the continued trouble free operation of your
heating system is to stay on top of preventive
maintenance. Thats why we recommend having a
system tune up and cleaning before putting your
heating system into operation each season. This tune
up includes but is not limited to:
  • Clean & Inspect Boiler
  • Check Boiler Pressure
  • Check Controls
  • Check Safety Switches
  • Lubricate motors
  • Check Boiler
    Combustion Efficiency
  • Check for proper flue
  • Inspect base of
    chimney for obstuction
Repairs & Replacements
   Heating systems and their component parts only
have a finite life span. Proper maintenance can
greatly increase this life span but not indefinitely. So
periodically repairs will be needed and eventually
whole parts of the system will need to be replaced.
Having problems with your heating system? Let us
trouble shoot it for you so we can repair the parts
that are broken and ONLY those parts.
  • Systems leaks
  • Relief Valve blowing
  • Expansion tanks
  • Vent dampers
  • Gas valves
  • Thermocouples
  • Circulator pumps
  • Zone valves
  • Relays
  • Safety switches
   Whether you're building the home of your
dreams or renovating your current one you
want your home to feel comfortable year
round. With our extensive experience in
hydronic, steam, radiant, and HVAC systems
we have the ability to work with you to tailor
a heating system specifically to how you use
your home. So don't let your dream become
a nightmare, make sure your heating/cooling
is giving you the comfort you expect and
High Efficiency Conversions
   At Greenfield plumbing we specialize in the installation
of and conversion to high efficiency natural gas systems.
With oil prices near an all time high and natural gas prices
near an all time low the monthly cost savings alone make
it worth converting. On top of that, Con Edision is
frequently offering incentives for switching to gas and to
high efficiency equipment. Still, there are reasons beyond
just money to make the switch.
Gas has lower carbon emissions than oil making it a much
better choice for the environment. Also, one unit can
replace both your boiler and water heater yet is smaller
than both freeing up valuable space in your basement.
So call Greenfield plumbing and let us show you the many
benefits of converting to a high efficiency natural gas
heating system.

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